I teach emerging boutique owners how to scale their online business



My services are divided into 2 options: Group Coaching or a 1:1 VIP Day

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What Can You Expect?

I'm known for my clear-cut and focused teaching approach for building successful retail businesses.

Customized programs and curriculums based on where you are in your business. 

Support and accountability that drives to make impact and income. 

Proven strategies from a retail expert and boutique owner. 

Hey, I’m Jasmene.

Retail Strategist + Fashion Entrepreneur

I use my years of knowledge in fashion and retail to teach my clients how to build better fashion businesses and get the results they desire.

Through my experience of working in Corporate Retail Buying at major retailers, paired with teaching Merchandise and Buying Strategies for the Art Institutes, and becoming a successful fashion retailer myself, I have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to share strategies and tools many others in the industry may not have to share with you.

Join the Breakout Tribe!

Get my weekly boutique tips and resources straight to your inbox!

"I enjoyed this curriculum. My favorite aspect of the program is Jasmene's engagement. She not only answers your questions, but she will do a demo to ensure that you truly understand. Other programs that I've participated in were not this hands on. The course can be overwhelming, but it is definitely worth it. I wish that I had taken this curriculum before I did the others because I have learned so much compared to the others. I would tell future participants to really follow and understand Jasmene's direction as she will make you think on a larger scale."

Sherrell Leslie
Etre Chic Boutique

 I'm very passionate about teaching the business of fashion & retail. Everyone can't teach. Nor does everyone have a mix of retail experience + boutique owner experience. I DO. That's my secret sauce


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