3 Tips for Creating a Brand Strategy

You’ve envisioned everything you want your brand to look like. You have the colors, the fonts, and the style. You’ve written out how you want to grow the business, and you’re excited about the potential your boutique and brand could have to blow up and become a household name.

Then, you come up against the most difficult part of the entire process.

You find yourself trying to identify how you’re going to tell the world about your brand. You find yourself looking for ways to expose others about your brand without bombarding them. You find yourself researching for hours how to market, promote, and sell your products.

Here are 3 tips for constructing your brand strategy in order to build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and profitable months of business.

  • Know your audience. Your brand identity should be based upon the concerns, needs, preferences, and lifestyle of your target audience. Find your people and focus on them—-don’t try to be everything to everyone. Do your homework, pay attention to the data, and know your target market inside out, by understanding the buying trends and opportunities in your product’s category.

  • Understand your why. Be sure others understand how important it is for you to share your products and services with the world. Your why begins with your mission, vision, and values. Be sure to reveal the problem you solve and the solution you provide. Your “why” will influence others to buy.

  • Define & share your brand story. Your brand story is the connection you and your loyal fans have over pretty pictures, hard times, and genuine words. It’s the story you share over time. It’s the journey you take them on when they aren’t quite sure where you’re going, but they are by your side every step of the way.

Your brand story should focus on:

  1. A consistent brand aesthetic and vibe.

  2. A clear mission and vision.

  3. The benefits and features of your products.

  4. The process and journey of your company.

  5. Your audience, clients, and customers.


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