7 Tools I Use to Streamline My Business

As a fashion entrepreneur and connoisseur, I have to admit something. I can quickly go down the rabbit hole of pretty pictures and cute dresses. I used to do this all the time. Let me explain.

I would make a detailed list of things I need to do before bedtime, and I would feel extremely confident in my ability to get everything done the next day. I would wake ready to live my best life and conquer adulting for a day. Then, it would happen. I’d start looking for one picture, and then spend 4 hours looking at pretty pictures. Well, that’s not good for business and the projects on my to-do list. So, I started using a few online tools to streamline my business and keep me on track. I thought I’d share those tools with you.


This is my visual mapping tool. I am able to schedule my post for Instagram and visualize my grid before it goes out to the world.


This is the email automation tool I use to send emails to my SHIFT Tribe! This helps me get my message to them without sitting at my computer for hours writing emails.


This is my all-in-one website platform of choice. There are several platforms to choose from, but this one really allows me to display and include everything I need for my business from images to an online store.

Facebook Business Manager

I’m not sure any of us could keep up with the data we need for marketing and promoting, so thank goodness for Facebook Business Manager. This tool allows me to use pixels to identify my ideal client, customize who I’d like to target, and it lets me see how well my advertisements are doing.

Canva & Creative Market

I use these two tools for graphic creation, fonts, and stock images. These tools are great for DIY branding options. I would advise only using these two tools after consulting with a professional brand strategist or coach.


This is my tried-and-true tool for time-lapse videos. Time-lapse videos speed up the movements in a video to save time and show the process in 90 seconds or less.


This tool allows me to quickly edit videos before I use Hyperlapse or schedule them in Planoly. I can cut, trim, or add music to videos directly from my phone.


iPhone XS, iMac, MacBook, iPad



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