How to Maintain Your Power with Grace

Your power lies in your confidence. As your confidence grows, so does your power. Society is steadily growing into a world of body-positivity, confidence, boldness, and empowerment. Yet, for women who own businesses, we are still deemed angry; when in fact, we are simply empowered. The ability to be powerful, bold, and professional is a special superpower, and many of us possess that superpower. However, society can attempt to dim our light by telling us we’re “too angry”, “too forceful”, and “too aggressive”. When in reality, we are confident and bold. Finding the balance between being seen as aggressive and being bold is often hard to do. We read about offering customer service that surpasses average, yet we are told to stand our ground and demand respect in our businesses. We take courses on how to bring value and deliver worth, yet we are told to lighten up when we finally stand firm on what we consider valuable products and services.

Well, as you open your own boutique or continue growing the one you have, you will find it imperative to understand how to be powerful, bold, professional, and filled with grace, almost at the same time.

What does it mean to be powerful, bold, professional, and filled with grace?

Being powerful and bold means you have a clear vision for your business, and your values are clarified. You are open and honest with your customers about your vision and values through your website content and copy, marketing efforts, and/or branding. In addition to being powerful and bold, being professional and filled with grace is the approach you take in sharing your vision and values. You choose to conduct business with a focus on bringing peace, building rapport, and being human. Combined, these four traits can help you build a clientele of individuals who not only love your products and services, but they also respect your business acumen.

Here are 3 ways you can be gracefully powerful, bold, and professional.

1. Present your vision and values upfront. It’s easier to stand in your power when you are clear on your intentions, promises, and beliefs as a boutique owner. If you believe “all customers deserve to feel great in their clothes”, let your customers know that by putting it front and center. Having your policies, procedures, and promises printed or typed out can really build your boldness.

2. Share your information with dignity. If you are asked questions (even if you’ve answered them a million times), continue to share your information in a calm, collected, and concise manner. If you have a brick and mortar boutique or you do vendor events, always smile and engage in conversation that will educate the customer and build trust with them.

3. Maintain the integrity of your brand and remain composed. Okay...let’s be honest here...sometimes customers can push our buttons (this is in any business or public position). However, you must maintain your composure and conduct business with poise and pride. Even if it means you have to take a minute to cool off or breathe, do it. Have automated emails prepared for different types of customer concerns to ensure you’re responding in a timely manner, so you’ll be able to give yourself a moment to think before answering complaints, concerns, or questions.

You’ll never have enough power, boldness, and professionalism in the boutique world. A little graceful power goes a long way, and a lot of professional boldness is what builds your legacy.

Go be bold!


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