They’re Just Not That Into You...

Okay, business boss, girl boss, boss babe, etc. Stop for a minute. Let’s chat about how your sales are going, and who you’re trying to sell your products to when you type a message, promote an ad, or even send an email.

There is definitely a discrepancy in how you build a brand and how you find your people. Building a brand is about consistency in the quality and value of what you offer others, whether it’s pretty clothes or amazing business services. Yet, finding your people may be a bit harder to define. Big consumer brands are always building their audience through advertisements, commercials, and other means of marketing. There are millions of people buying products, sharing new businesses, and following companies they love. Companies seem to put out ads and VIOLA!; they have 100,000 new customers.

This seems unlikely for boutique brands as it may take longer to reach as many people and build a loyal client base.

However, it’s possible.

As you diligently work to build your audience on social media and through emails while creating a brand they will love, you may find yourself missing the mark. You create content and put the work in, only to receive...wait for it…crickets and no sales.

Then, the million dollar question pops into your head: Why am I not selling anything, but I have followers, email subscribers, or likes on my page?

Here’s the answer: those followers, email subscribers, and Facebook friends are NOT your people. They just aren’t that into you (or what you’re selling).

They are people. They just aren’t your people. You can find your people though.

Here are FIVE questions to answer to help your identify your ideal client or customer.

Question ONE: Who are the top three people I want to purchase from me (give them a name)?

Question TWO: What lifestyle do these three people live? How do they function day to day?

Question THREE: Why would these three individuals choose my boutique?

Question FOUR: What would these individuals say about my company in a review?

Question FIVE: Where do these 3 individuals spend most of their money and time?


These five questions can help you pinpoint who you’d like to share your products and services with as you build your brand.

If you need additional tools on how to fully develop your ideal customer outlook, I recommend purchasing the Ideal Customer Creation Guide or book a session with me here.

Jasmene Bowdry is the owner and operator of SHIFT StyleHouse and The Boutique Teacher. She resides in Atlanta, GA.


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