There are 5 HUGE mistakes I see emerging boutique owners make when scaling. 

  1. The wrong mindset.
  2. Not identifying and understanding their ideal customer.
  3. No repeatable strategies or plan to reach sales goals.
  4. Lack of vision for the future of the business.
  5. Not investing in their business growth and professional development.

It’s not easy to understand every intricate detail of boutique building. From website conversions to email marketing, you may find yourself scrolling through every website, online freebie, and entrepreneurship group on Facebook looking for the answers to grow your business and give you the keys to the success you desire.

Trust me, I get it. I made all these mistakes and then some. I've been spent thousands trying to figure it out. It wasn't until I applied some KEY strategies that I finally started to move the needle. 


Imagine being able to scale your business without frustration, confusion and losing money making mistakes you don't have to make. 


Here’s what we want you to achieve...



We'll show you exactly what you need to do to have a successful boutique launch and to sell your products to an audience that can't resist buying from you. It's time to stop being trapped in fear and MOVE to your new reality. Oh, and this is totally possible for you to do without hiring an expensive team, or adding more stress and overwhelm to the process.


Perhaps you already launched your boutique and unfortunately it didn't go as planned. We'll show you exactly what you need to do to scale your and to sell your products to an audience that can't resist buying from you. It's time to stop twiddling your thumbs and feeling frustrated trying to figure out why something is not working. Giving up is NOT a part of our process boo. Give yourself another shot and do it the right way. 


Imagine waking up the day after your new collection drops and realizing you have sold out inventory! What!?! We’re going to walk you step-by-step through the framework you need to make sold out  your new normal.


Scaling a business doesn’t have to equal burnout. I want to give you proven tips and strategies that will help you transform the way you CEO your boutique business forever. You can't show up for your business if you're always stressed. Trust me, more stress will never equal more sales, but operating and executing at a high level with strategy can make the success you want a reality.


Imagine waking up and your products are on racks (or shelves) at your favorite retail store. What!?! We’re going to walk you through the best tips from a Buyer's perspective on getting your brand positioned for retail.


Honey it is time for you to get out of the weeds. You’re done with having to always be the one doing every single thing and while you enjoy it, you're ready to be the CEO of your business.


As you know, launching is one thing, but consistently growing is an entirely different ball game. I'm going to teach you repeatable strategies that you can use to grow your business, increase your cash flow and set yourself apart as the go-to boutique for your customers. 

👋Say goodbye to confusion, fear, and being stuck in your business. I want to introduce you to the excitement and joy you should feel scaling your online business and making your impact on the world.  

It's Time To Go From...


Frustration to clarity.


Stuck to strategy.


Lost to lucrative. 


And experience multiple-figure sales days, a tribe of loyal customers, and solid game plan for how to grow your business for years to come...


without  the headache of trying to learn from Google University and stress of trying to do it all alone.


Sherrell Leslie, Etre Chic Boutique

I enjoyed this curriculum. My favorite aspect of the program is Jasmene's engagement. She not only answers your questions, but she will do a demo to ensure that you truly understand. Other programs that I've participated in were not this hands on. The course can be overwhelming, but it is definitely worth it. I wish that I had taken this curriculum before I did the others because I have learned so much compared to the others. I would tell future participants to really follow and understand Jasmene's direction as she will make you think on a larger scale.


 We're back and better than ever! We're over capacity when it comes to value, there's so much packed inside this program.

We've updated modules, moved to a new course platform with a mobile app, streamlined presentation slides, updated workbooks, and much more! Oh and the best part is, we've extended the program from 8 weeks to 6 months of coaching to give you ever more time to really learn and implement the coursework. 

Breakout Fashionista is a coaching & educational program that personalizes your curriculum to accelerate your retail success from any starting point.

We want to help you take the confusion and stress out of launching so that you can sell to an audience that's ready to buy, grow sales consistently month-after-month, and build a sustainable and profitable online business. 



You want all of my insight, all of my experience, and all of my expertise to build your online boutique brand and business. I'm not teaching you how to build a boutique like the one I own. I'm not asking you to use the words that I use or offer the fashion styles that I offer. This is your win sis. I'm helping you build your business using my tools, strategies and processes. I'm committed to helping you develop the right path for your business so you can own your success. 

Whether you’re in the conception stage of building your boutique or you’ve been in business for some time, the strategies will make the next steps plain and achievable to expand your reach and profitability. As a former Corporate Retail Buyer, I understand the many moving parts that are involved in the creation and development of a retail brand such as: 

  • Gaining customers that shop consistently.
  • Finding vendors that give you advanced styles and ship on time. 
  • Understanding your metrics and how it impacts business decisions.

The retail process can be more than a notion and you need more than a good eye. You need a plan that outlines how to take your business to next level. 

It might sound scary right now but it doesn't have to be. Change is scary. Being uncomfortable is scary. Investing in your future is scary.  But what's scarier is having a room full of inventory that hasn't moved for months or launching your new boutique to crickets. 

Fluff is not a part of the Breakout Fashionista program. In fact, we hate making things more complicated than they need to be. But don't be confused, this program will PUSH you. 

The simple principles we follow to get you prepared for a program of this caliber look a little something like this... 

You HAVE to do the work. We don't teach or encourage you to take shortcuts because cutting corners often leaves you with the short end of the stick. 

Read that again. 👏 We believe that an entrepreneur’s mindset is directly correlated to the success they experience. It's one of our primary focuses to help you shift your focus. From group coaching calls to q&a sessions, you are supported every step of the way to help push past any limiting beliefs you might experience. 

Every strategy provided in this course are proven and have been used to generate consistent sales, gain national press opportunities, move slow inventory, sell out collections, and much more. From step-by-step trainings to templates and worksheets, you're given everything you need to run your business successfully.  

I could hand you a PDF blueprint of how to start your online boutique, but if you don't truly believe it's possible for you to take that blueprint and turn into your best business practice then you won't invest your time and energy into making it happen.

Our program helps you shift into self-belief so you can start to see the things happen that you imagine for your business.

Most of the work to be done in completing this program has a lot to do with the faith you have in yourself to show up, do the work and prepare to be transformed. 

Nothing stands between you and the goals that have been on your vision board for the past 6 months. You are more than capable. You are more than ready. And now it’s time to step allllll the way up.



  how to scale your online business using my 5-step framework. Each module includes exclusive retail buying techniques I've used to help grow retail brands to over $400M in sales, strategies for implementation that I've tested and used in my own boutique as well as my clients, and tools for analyzing and understanding your numbers so that you can make strategic-based business decisions. I teach you HOW to fish so you can feed your business for a lifetime.


You'll Learn How To: 


▶️Maintain consistent sales.

▶️Build your email list.

▶️Connect with your tribe of loyal customers.

▶️Create a cohesive brand identity.

▶️Develop content that converts lookers to buyers.

▶️Locate legitimate, quality resources and wholesalers.

▶️Structure your prices to increase profits.

▶️Market with ease through digital platforms.

▶️Become a go-to brand in your industry.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to prepare your mind for success. You will delve into the story behind your brand, and the vision behind the business. You'll also dig deeper into your ideal customer.

The branding of your boutique is more than your logo and website. This module will focus on assisting you with building a brand aesthetic and personality across multiple sales channels.

Buying is truly a science. It's more than selecting pieces.Your ability to price right, promote authentically, and profit consistently is the top three ways to see success in your online boutique.

In order to grow your boutique to the next level, you have to tell everyone! This section will focus on advertising strategies for building brand awareness and closing the deal. Using promotionally driven strategies.

This module will focus on website optimization to increase conversions, creating an omni-channel experience, top plugins needed for your website, and understanding data.

In these bonus trainings hear from top industry experts who will surely give your business the additional boost it needs to soar even higher. (Available to VIP & Premium only).




This is where you'll get all of my proven strategies to launch a successful online boutique. 

      ➡️ 1 year access to the course content which includes course modules, homework, templates, and worksheets.
     ➡️ Content is released on a weekly basis to give you time to watch and implement what you've learned without rushing or being overwhelmed.


Clutch your pearls because the the BOF group is about to be your favorite in these fashion streets! In addition to all the course modules, you'll gain access to our community  where you'll receive:

      ➡️ Accountability, networking, and support.
      ➡️ 6-months of community access.
      ➡️ Pop-Up Live Q&A sessions inside the group.
Don't be surprised if you'll want to continue your community access for a monthly fee after the 6 months. The gems are really THAT good. 


With everything we teach there is bound to be questions. You'll have the opportunity to get direct coaching and direct feedback inside of our group coaching sessions.

      ➡️Coaching calls vary depending on your package level.
      ➡️ All sessions are recorded in case you are unable to attend. 






🙌ANNUAL SALES BUNDLE ($350 value) Get our step-by-step Annual Sales Planner Spreadsheet + Video Training to plan out your business goals and metrics. Swipe our exact sales planner, plug in your numbers, and forecast your entire year!

🙌Q4 HOLIDAY GUIDE ($500 value) to exponentially increase your sales during the BEST retail season of the year. Never worry about what to post or how to plan for holiday, we've done it for you!


You'll get all of these for FREE!




Now that we've shared all of that, let me introduce myself! 


Meet Your 
New Boutique Coach.

I’m Jasmene and just 4 years ago, I had NO  idea how to build my online boutique. 


If you’re anything like you me reading you probably love fashion, own a boutique, or you’re thinking of launching your own cute fashion business. But how do you do that without losing your edges, losing sleep, losing money, or wasting time? 

As a lover of all things fashion, style, and business, I've figured out how to marry my love of style and desire to make money in the fashion business and I want to teach you how to do the same. After spending more than 12 years in the corporate fashion and retail industry, I decide to to explore the world of entrepreneurship through a fashion lens. I'm super excited to have you here with me. Whatever avenue brought you here makes me happy and I'm so glad to connect with you.   

In 2016 I launched SHIFT StyleHouse. Within 4 years, styles from my online boutique have been featured in The Market @ Macy’s, the Essence Entrepreneur Summit and Target Holiday Market, and Sister Circle TV. Pieces from SHIFT ( as I affectionately call it) have been worn by celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Sarah Jakes-Roberts and more.  

If you are an aspiring/emerging online boutique owner, or product-based owner that wants to learn how I successfully launched a retail business, built a solid recognizable brand and increased my traffic, sales, and visibility, you want to join my signature program, Breakout Fashionista™.


Great question. Here are the types of people Breakout Fashionista IS for so you can figure out if it’s a good fit…

👖You're an aspiring or existing online entrepreneur who is ready to level up and turn your boutique into a fashion empirebut you're missing crucial steps and strategies.  

👖You're excited to sell your products to the people who love what you offer.

👖You’re an action taker, serious about growth and implementing what you learn. Instead of making excuses you figure out how to get it done.  

👖You want to work with a coach that knows BUSINESS AND FASHION inside and out. 

👖You are committed to building a profitable and lasting boutique and you're not afraid of what it takes. 

👖You want to know the exact steps you need to take in order to move the needle in your boutique business.



 🙅you have little to no time to commit to the program.

 🙅you are looking for someone to build your business FOR you instead of applying strategies to build your own business.

🙅you are searching for a short cut or overnight success.

🙅you're not coachable and nor ready to hear what needs to be changed in your boutique business from a community or a coach. 

🙅you're comfortable making sales every other month and you don't feel the need to transform your business with rinse and repeat strategies that work.  

🙅you're ok doing everything on your own and not bothered by wasting money trying to figure it out by yourself.


✔️68% of U.S. Online retailers revenue is up.
✔️Online conversion rates have increased to 8.8%.
✔️25% of the WORLD population(~7.7B) shops online.
✔️E-commerce sales account for 15.5% of retail sales worldwide.

So what does the mean? Simply put, E-commerce is slowly taking over for the 99' & 2000!

These statistic clearly shows how e-commerce is becoming a more important part of global commerce. E-commerce is expanding in every direction and becoming an integral part of the consumer experience worldwide.

This provides opportunity for new and existing entrepreneurs to provide customers with a seamless and personalized  omni-channel experience. 

Do you want to be left in the dust? It's time to face the fear and do it scared. Success is on the other side of fear! 


Hear from previous BOF Alumni.

Brenda O.

Glammed Up By Bee Boutique

I made more money in my business in one day than I did all last month! You are an excellent coach. Not everyone has the gift of actually knowing how to teach and pour into others. 


Tamika A.

Prim & Saucy Children's Boutique

I had no idea how to run a boutique, how to source, how to price, or how to strategize. The course was very beneficial because going at it alone is very hard and very challenging. 

Amira W.

Mira Estell Handbags

When I came to Jasmene I was all out of sorts. I had no idea what I needed to do but I knew I needed to do something. She helped me really dig deep and get to the nitty-gritty of my business. It is definitely a program you want to be a part of.

Lenecia K.

Boutique Amore

I started out wanting everyone to be my customer, which was a huge ah ha moment.  I'm just as excited to see someone like Jasmene sharing the critical keys of success and knowledge to help others grow. Job well done and thank you so very much. This program was worth the investment! 



What other Breakout Fashionista students have asked...