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When I came to Jasmene I was all out of sorts. I had no idea what I needed to do but I knew I needed to do something. She helped me really dig deep and get to the nitty-gritty of my business. It is definitely a program you want to be a part of.

Amira W.

Mira Estell Handbags


I had no idea how to run a boutique, how to source, how to price, or how to strategize. The course was very beneficial because going at it alone is very hard and very challenging. There's so many things that people don't realize you need in order to effectively run a boutique. I highly recommend her.

Tamika A.

Prim and Saucy

I really appreciate Jasmene for being so open. The top three things I learned are being consistent, understanding your audience, and finally, understanding how to broadcast your business.

Phylicia B.

One Stylish Lady


It was awesome. She gives so many tips, so many pointers for us that our new to the business. Jasmene is awesome. I suggest you take her classes or webinars.

Keema S.

Talent Answers

I already own a boutique and honestly, I'm so ready to elevate after the class. I'm so ready to apply the tips that she gave us. There were really some gems in there. She will definitely elevate you and take your business to the next level.


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"I enjoyed this curriculum. My favorite aspect of the program is Jasmene's engagement. She not only answers your questions, but she will do a demo to ensure that you truly understand. Other programs that I've participated in were not this hands on. The course can be overwhelming, but it is definitely worth it. I wish that I had taken this curriculum before I did the others because I have learned so much compared to the others. I would tell future participants to really follow and understand Jasmene's direction as she will make you think on a larger scale.

Sherrell L.

Etre Chic Boutique

"I have progressed so much since starting this program. I have learned to put together meaningful content for my social media feeds, curate a collection and more importantly the importance of building your brand and knowing how to translate it to customers.

Brenda O.

Glammed Up By Bee Boutique

"I started out wanting everyone to be my customer, which was a huge ah ha moment. The largest has been development of the story and branding and clearly how much I needed to grow in these spaces to be successful. I've been excited to learn beneficial elements to help with the success of my business. I'm just as excited to see someone like Jasmene sharing the critical keys of success and knowledge to help others grow. Job well done and thank you so very much. This program was worth the investment! "

Lenecia K.

Boutique Amore